October 25, 2022

How Ernst & Young increased its average watch time by up to 168.8% - Case Study

Ernst & Young Blockchain Group uses Video Pages by Video Notebook to make its videos browsable and searchable.

Xavier Tyzo

Ernst & Young Blockchain Group uses Video Pages by Video Notebook to make its videos browsable and searchable. Most recently, the Group utilized Video Pages for its 2022 Global Blockchain Summit. This 4-day event took place in mid-May, and attracted thousands of participants. You can view the Video Pages, which lead to an increase in average watch time by up to 168.8%, by clicking on this link. This case study will show how EY achieved this with Video Notebook, and how you can too.

The process behind creating Video Pages

Video Notebook automatically captured slides from the Global Blockchain Summit 2022 videos, generated the summit transcripts and made them searchable. Since EY chose Video Pages Premium, we added text chapters and executed our premium quality assurance service, which supplements our AI-powered technologies.

Video Notebook received the video material from EY’s Global Streaming Media Services team and later supported EY marketing personnel in distributing the Video Pages to EY’s audience.

Distributing Video Pages

After releasing videos from the Summit on Youtube at the end of May, Ernst & Young shared Video Pages with all Summit participants on June 20. Many blockchain technology enthusiasts, industry veterans, and thought leaders rewatched the event videos using Video Pages and decided to further share the Video Pages with their friends and followers. 

The Video Pages experience is very different than the regular viewing experience, and this difference becomes increasingly significant with the increase in the length of the video. The event recordings provided by EY (one recording from every day of the Summit) were around 4 hours each, while the total video time is over 15 hours. 

Few of us can spend this many hours viewing a video the traditional way, from beginning to end. Furthermore, we all have different interests - one viewer would be most interested in viewing blockchain product demos that they are in the market for, while others may be just starting out and willing to get the hang of the key blockchain concepts. 

Video Notebook, as the leading video browsing tool, makes personalized consumption of long videos possible. It helps viewers find moments in a video that are of interest to them personally by visually scanning the automatically captured slides, reviewing the text chapters, and searching the transcript. They no longer use their limited time to watch the beginning of a video, which is often wasted time. They're more likely to start watching exactly what interests them most, helping video creators like EY increase the impact that their content has on their audience. 

Measuring the impact of Video Pages

Video Notebook measured the impact Video Pages made by comparing the engagement with EY videos before any promotion of Video Pages by EY (May 21, 2022 - June 1, 2022) and after EY started intensively distributing the Video Pages to its audience (June 20, 2022 - June 25, 2022). 

Above is an engagement (absolute audience retention) graph for Day 2 of the Global Blockchain Summit 2022. It shows how often each moment of the Day 2 video was watched as a percentage of total views. With Video Pages, significantly fewer viewers watched the beginning of the videos, which was wasted engagement in each case because the first minutes of each video merely displayed a countdown timer to the start of the event.

We can divide the Day 2 video into 100 segments, each 2 mins 10 sec long. The engagement with Video Pages was lower during the first segment in the video, but was higher in 96 out of 99 remaining segments, leading to a 186.15% increase in the average absolute audience retention. Moreover, numerous new peaks in engagement emerged.

Some of the new engagement peaks are a result of social media posts and newsletters sent by EY, which linked to specific timestamped notes on Video Pages. The note links is a feature Video Notebook developed upon EY’s request. It can be seen in action on Paul Brody’s Twitter profile, who is EY Global Blockchain Leader.

Other engagement peaks are thanks to users browsing the Video Pages, after discovering them with newsletters or social media. Viewers visually scanned the slides, reviewed the text chapters, and searched the transcripts to find moments that interest them most and played the video from there.

Video Pages increased the average watch time of all 4 days of the event. The changes were most significant for Day 2 and Day 3, which saw 168.8% and 130.6% increases in average watch time respectively. 

Inspired by these positive results, EY is exploring extending the usage of Video Pages beyond their externally-facing videos. All Video Pages (both the Essential and the Premium bundle) not only make the videos browsable and searchable but also come with our advanced note-taking features, created with learning and development in mind. Viewers can take timestamped notes and access them in their Video Notebook accounts from any device and from any place.

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