How to Download and Install Video Notebook on Mac

For use with Zoom only

Click to sign up for a Video Notebook account. Stay logged in.
Click on this download button to download the Video Notebook app.

Find the the Video Notebook file in your downloads folder and click on it to start the installation process.
Once the installation is complete, this message will show, prompting you to click and drag the Video Notebook app to your local Applications folder.
Open the Video Notebook app from your Applications folder or a Launchpad. The app will remain hidden in the background until you join a Zoom meeting.
Start a Zoom meeting in the Zoom desktop app and the Video Notebook app will appear.

If you don't have the Zoom desktop app yet, download it here.
Sign in to your Video Notebook account in the app.
Optional. If you're on a paid Zoom plan that allows you to record meetings to the cloud and if you're permitted to install third party apps, you can complete this step to link your notes to cloud meeting recordings, by first clicking on "Yes" and then on the "Authorize" button.

Otherwise, please skip this step by clicking on the "No" button.

Find the new tab that was opened in your browser. You will be requested to log in to your Zoom account if you hadn't been logged in already. Tick the box next to "Allow this app to use my shared access permissions" and click "Allow".
Click "Open System Preferences" to authorize the Video Notebook app.
Once you've integrated the Video Notebook account with your Zoom account, the following message will appear. Video Notebook app needs permission to access your screen to save screenshots from a Zoom meeting. Unfortunately, our app will not create screenshots if you do not permit access to your screen.

Don't see this message? Don't worry. Go to System Preferences manually, as described in point 9.
Grant access to your screen to allow Video Notebook to take screenshots during a Zoom meeting.
To allow Video Notebook to take screenshots during a Zoom meeting, you should go to "Security & Privacy" section of your device's System Preferences and click on the "Privacy" tab. Once you are here, you should see the Video Notebook logo in the list of apps that are allowed in the "Screen Recording" tab. Click the lock to enable making changes and click the box next to Video Notebook to permit access to your screen. This step is complete when you see a blue checkmark next to the Video Notebook logo.
Click "Quit & Reopen" to complete the setup. Wait for a few seconds until the Video Notebook app appears again.
Now you are ready to take notes on Zoom meetings!

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