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Frequently asked questions

Is there a way to export my notes?

Currently, we export notes in Markdown (MD) and PDF formats. More export formats are on the way. Anyone who has created an account with Video Notebook will be notified when new export capabilities become available.

How do I save transcripts from videos?

The Video Notebook browser extension automatically saves video transcripts (or what we call captions - a list of captions together form a transcript) when you use the extension to take notes on videos on YouTube, Udemy, and Coursera. We plan to expand this list a lot in the future.

How do I save transcripts from virtual meetings?

Google Meet - The Video Notebook browser extension automatically saves the transcripts from a Google Meet meeting if you enable captions. To use this feature, click on the "Turn on Captions " button in Google Meet. Then, if you've saved at least one text note or screenshot for that meeting, the extension will save the captions along with your notes. You can see these captions in the Video Notebook web app.

On which websites can I use Video Notebook?

You can use the Video Notebook browser extension on web domains that we've whitelisted. In other words, we had to have added that domain to our "whitelist" before you visited it.  By maintaining a whitelist, we hope to exclude non-educational videos from Video Notebook.  You can request to add a domain or site by clicking on the VN icon in the Google Chrome extension panel while you are on the page that has a video on that domain. From there, click on the VN logo with the "?" in the browser taskbar and click "Request to add domain."  Our team will review the request and add it if it meets our guidelines.

Tell me more about the keyboard shortcuts!

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to quickly take notes while watching videos. Here is a list of the Video Notebook browser extension's default shortcuts:

option-S (Alt-S for Windows) -> screenshot

option-Z (Alt-Z for Windows) -> text note

Note! If these shortcuts are not working, the key combinations above may be conflicting with another extension. In Chrome, you can set keyboard shortcuts manually for each extension by going to chrome://extensions/shortcuts

Is the Video Notebook browser extension available on Firefox or Safari?

Not yet, but our team is currently working on making this available soon! We will announce when it is ready on

How much does Video Notebook cost?

Video Notebook is completely free to download and use!

Can I share my notes with someone who doesn't have an account with Video Notebook?

If you share your notes with someone who has not created an account with Video Notebook, they can view your notes in the Video Notebook web app by clicking on the link you’ve sent them directly or with an email. However, they may have to sign up for a Video Notebook account to access certain features.

How do I use the play button feature for meeting notes?

Currently, we only integrate with Google Meet via Video Notebook browser extension. Notes or screenshots for meetings have a play button next to them if you record the meeting, and if that meeting is accessible to Video Notebook. In that case, clicking on that Play button will play the recording starting at the point where the note was created.

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