Every customer can create two types of notebooks:
Essential and Pro.

3d cubes

Video Pages Essential

$5/video hour/month
billed monthly
Automatically capture timestamped slides in your videos
Enable search of the transcript of your video
Add your own timestamped notes to your video
Share notebooks, Video Pages or even points inside Video Pages publicly
Viewers can take notes on your videos
Viewers can download an interactive PDF file with all your slides and notes
Compatible with YouTube videos and Zoom recordings, more video platforms are coming soon
3d cubes

Video Pages Pro

$10/video hour/month
billed monthly
Everything in Video Pages Essential
Timestamped text chapters where there are no slides in the video
Premium image capture, editing & QA
Premium Support

The first month is free, up to 10 video hours in your Video Notebook account

Frequently asked questions

How much I will pay?

You add videos to “notebooks,” and a notebook is either an Essential or a Premium notebook. Each month, you will be charged $5 per video hour for videos in your Essential notebooks, and you will be charged $10 per video for videos in your Premium notebooks.Your first month is free, unless you exceed 10 video hours in your Video Notebook account.

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